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Homeowner’s coverage doesn’t have to be difficult to understand.  Come into our office today, where we can sit down and go over your Homeowners Insurance Policy with you for a quick review.  Here are some things to look for in your coverages.

  •  The structure of your home

  •  Replacement costs

  •  Personal possessions (up to a set limit)

  • Living expenses in case of a disaster

  • Liability


You can also add supplemental policies such as:

  •  Valuable Articles/Floater policies

         (i.e. Jewelry Insurance)

  •  Flood policies

  •  Umbrella policies (additional liability)


Landlords and Condo Associations insure the building, but not your personal content, don't leave your personal belongings exposed to a loss.  Let us here at Golden Owl Insurance help you get the coverages you need you to protect your personal property.  Stop by the office and we can go over a Condo & Apartment Insurance.

If you would like a quote or if you have any questions in regards to Homeowners Insurance feel free to give us a call here at the office.

PHONE: 708-637-4861 / FAX: 708-956-7930

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