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Claims & Recommend Companies

How do I file a claim?

Below you will find information that will help you with your claims process.  Also listed are companies' numbers and links to better help with your claim.  If you need additional information on anything in regards to your claims, feel free to call our office during our business hours.

Auto Claims

For Auto Claims the quickest way to get in contact with your companies claims department is to call the number found on your insurance I.D. card.  Feel free to also contact our office with any questions you might have, click link below for a list of our insurance companies' phone numbers.

Car Rentals
Vehicle Repair Shops

Home Repair Companies

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All other claims

For all other claims on any other type of policy you might have with Golden Owl Insurance Brokerage, please contact our office or contact the claims number provided on your policy. 

Recommend Companies

A&A Cleaning Services





Home Inspection companies

Tow Truck Company

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>> Give us a call, during office hours, and we’ll be there to lend a hand <<

PHONE: 708-637-4861 / FAX: 708-956-7930

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